Clarity of Mind and Realisations Through Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT

An Emotional Healing Journey, from Rejection, Stuckness, Limiting Beliefs, to Improved Relationships and living joyfully through Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT tapping therapy – by Éimer Godsil

Eimer 1We build emotional prisons but can also unlock those gates to freedom


Neasa is a professional singer who, through her search to end crippling performance anxiety, became an Advanced EFT therapist in Cork, B.A. Psych.  Combining Eastern energy healing with Western psychology, she works with a variety of physical & emotional issues, specialising in Performance anxiety, Stage fright, Dread, Exam nerves and Chronic Fatigue.  If only she’d known back then what she knows now!

As a singer, anxiety sabotaged Neasa’s dreams and kept her living small in career.  From sceptical beginnings, she’s been converted by the miracles she’s seen unfold with Emotional Freedom Techniques and loves guiding others towards their Greatest Potential. She works passionately with performers, eager that YOU realise your dreams.  Neasa offers private therapy sessions on Douglas Road, Cork city or Online healing via Skype.

Oprah Winfrey and President Obama are advocates of EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUES TAPPING THERAPY, using it daily for PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT in their very productive lives.  They take responsibility for what they deliver to this world.  Éimer Godsil is no exception to this team!  Not keen to settle for mediocre, she has proven her courage in changing her relationship with her world and now eagerly wants to spread the word so that YOU may live more joyfully, more fully, through healing your life also.

After Session 3 on 24 Jan 2017

  • On 25 Jan 2017

 Hi Neasa

That was a very powerful session yesterday. The phrases you used were very apt. A lot of them I hadn’t even said to you, but they were so exact to what I was feeling.
You are so so good at what you do. Thank you.

  •  On 27 Jan 2017

 Hi Neasa,
What an amazing week I am having! Realisation after realisation, after realisation, plenty good things happening and a level of happiness, sustained, that I have never experienced before. A glimpse of the person I can be.

For me the realisations are like a jigsaw puzzle almost finished or two halves done but they just don’t fit together and this last session with Neasa has found the missing few pieces for me in so many parts of my life. Things I thought I understood, but now realise the true meaning of and the reasons why I was doing them. Doing the same things, repeating them over and over, to fill missing voids! I thought, ‘most people are like this’ or ‘this is just the way I am’. Now, the same situations are arising, but it is I who am reacting differently, thereby getting a different outcome. This is all without a conscious effort on my part, without ‘positive thinking’ or ‘talking to myself in my head’, it is just what happens for me after 3 Emotional Freedom TechniquesEFT sessions with Neasa, effortless really.

I am not saying the process is a walk in the park; challenging situations do occur, but they are the lessons I need to bring to my session for Neasa to use with the EFT and for me to heal. Also, I am beginning to see much more clearly what I need to work on through the EFT.

I am now also more sure footed and decisive, it comes to me what to say and do in situations. I now just seem to instinctively know what the appropriate thing is to say and do and at the right time. I have always been decisive on the big ticket issues, but not the daily dozens of minute decisions we encounter constantly. Being indecisive drains energy; diminishes confidence and that gets you stuck. Decisiveness brings a confidence to step outside the COMFORT ZONE and thus allows you to blossom. Not pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone allows it to close in on you and your world gets smaller and smaller and thus, lacking stimulation, your life become very boring.

I have come so far in such a short space of time, with just 3 sessions. I look back through my notes from the first couple of weeks and I can’t even believe that that person is me or rather, was me. Everything in my life is so much improved, my relationships, my outlook, my outcomes.

I want to go the whole way with the EFT with Neasa, clear everything out, sort everything out so that I can move on with my life and be the person that I want to be, the person I now see I can be and do all the things with my life that I want to do. I am like a limpet that has become unstuck and is now floating freely in the vast ocean of life, going in whichever direction I choose.

Eimer 2I float freely in the vast ocean of life


  • Nurturing of my children – knew that I nurtured my children to the ‘N’th degree, loads of EMOTIONAL SUPPORT, making sure they were happy with their friends, lifts anytime, anyplace, anywhere, a constant radar out to monitor their emotional and general well-being. What I didn’t realise was that I didn’t overdo it on things like giving them money, the latest toys, electronics, designer sports gear etc., but did on the above. I had no compass for this, gave 110% all the time because I could not discern when it was the time to be right in there or when to step back and leave them to their own devices to see how they got on. Didn’t molly coddle them either, gave them a good dose of independence and autonomy, and had not much difficulty at knowing where to pitch this. But the nurturing! – full steam ahead, with no let-up in case I undercooked it. Glad to say, my nurturing compass is starting to work properly now.


  • My father went to great lengths in choosing my name for me, choosing a beautiful Irish name. He had double insurance in there on the spelling (É pronounced ‘A’ in Irish and ‘Ei’ pronounced ‘A’ in English, as in ‘eight’) so that no one would ever mispronounce it – his efforts in that regard failed miserably, I’m afraid J. But I have realised that he choose my name out of love for me, I always knew he loved me and that I was special to him – only girl with 3 older brothers! But the realisation of it has come emotionally.


After Session 4 on 03 Feb 2017

The area around my heart centre where the dark grey stone was lodged and had become, over the weeks, a paler stone, then a white pebble to a little tic tac, is now not there. Left behind, is just a smokey one-dimensional shadow, initially dark grey. This is now of almost white smoke, less dense, much more diffuse, of smaller diameter and I can see it beginning to rise and dissipate as I continue to tap.

I notice family members are also more expressive, voicing their opinions and their disagreement more, thereby more conversation is taking place, plus I find I am able to communicate more openly and freely, without confrontation. Note: I have teenagers/young adults in the house, so that is a bonus. Laughing more, seeing the humour more.

Seeing my husband’s kindnesses now as just that, instead of, as I was thinking, that they were my due! He never got involved with my moods, in the sense that if I was down he just stayed the same as always. I think I read this as him not giving emotional support but in fact, it was probably just what I needed, because if he had got enveloped in my moods, family life would have been very difficult indeed.

  • There is such a difference between knowing and realising.

My husband is my security blanket, which is an emotional support in itself. He is very good at sorting things out (not necessarily emotional things), being in control of the situation and knowing what to do and he hasn’t changed. I just had lost sight of his qualities. But so many parts of my life are clearer now – my relationships with family, friends, acquaintances; what I do and say; what I want to do and want to say. I didn’t realise how stifled and constricted I was and had become. It is like my heart has been opened; even physically that is how my heart centre feels. I have had reluctance when it comes to asking for help, asking people to do things for me, just small things, just in case they would, for some very valid reason, say they couldn’t do it. (Rejection issue) I actually hated ringing the babysitter! the teenage girl! in case she would say she couldn’t do it. Of course I had to make the call, not appropriate for the Dad to be ringing the teenage girl. ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’.

Eimer 3

I have a zest for and have fallen back in love with life


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More Information?

Healing is far more common than staying stuck.  My Guarantee to you, the client: Your issues will be dealt with in a safe and respectful environment.  If you feel ready to heal your life, please feel free to contact me to discuss how I can help you move forward.  Call Neasa +353(0)87 2535287 or email

Neasa x

Neasa De Baroid is a singer, performer and an EFT Practitioner in Cork City

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