Clarity of Mind and Realisations Through Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) – Part 2

Eimer 1
An Emotional Healing Journey, from Rejection, Stuckness, Limiting Beliefs, to Improved Relationships and living joyfully through Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT tapping therapy – by Éimer Godsil


Part 1: Clarity of Mind and Realisations Through Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT

Neasa is a professional singer who, through her search to end crippling performance anxiety, became an Advanced EFT therapist in Cork, B.A. Psych.  Combining Eastern energy healing with Western psychology, she works with a variety of physical & emotional issues, specialising in Performance anxiety, Stage fright, Dread, Exam nerves and Chronic Fatigue.  If only she’d known back then what she knows now!

As a singer, anxiety sabotaged Neasa’s dreams and kept her living small in career.  From sceptical beginnings, she’s been converted by the miracles she’s seen unfold with Emotional Freedom Techniques and loves guiding others towards their Greatest Potential. She works passionately with performers, eager that YOU realise your dreams.  Neasa offers private therapy sessions on Douglas Road, Cork city or Online healing via Skype.

Oprah Winfrey and President Obama are advocates of EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUES TAPPING THERAPY, using it daily for PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT in their very productive lives.  They take responsibility for what they deliver to this world.  Éimer Godsil is no exception to this team!  Not keen to settle for mediocre, she has proven her courage in changing her relationship with her world and now eagerly wants to spread the word so that YOU may live more joyfully, more fully, through healing your life also. Neasa is delighted to host Éimer here on this blog.


Rid Yourself of Rejection and Start Living the Life You Want

  • On 13 Feb 2017

Having a really great week, again, thank you. Go to bed at night and am excited about the following day, wake up in the morning looking forward to my day, nothing special happening, just going to work etc.  I have realised this week that situations arise for me regarding ‘REJECTION’, ‘being liked’, ‘deserving of people helping/being nice to me’, a debate then ensues in my head between the adult and the child (I used to call this my head and heart), with the adult telling me a contradiction of what the child is saying. Then to calm myself I am trying to convince myself that the adult is right, but this is a battle and lot of emotional energy goes into that and, of course, affects my confidence, SELF-ESTEEM and therefore my happiness. This thing of ‘being liked’, I am realising, is big for me, it is constantly there. I had other things I was going to raise with you, but they are peripheral, at this stage anyway. Anyway, I can explain further on Friday.  Thanks for reading this Neasa.  Hope you have a really great week.


I am beginning now to see what I need to deal with and their priority; detrimental aspects of my personality that are dictating how my life is. I want to be rid of these, the big obvious one and the small ones.

While I did get cross, annoyed, said hurtful things, my children knew they were loved by me – I said it to them and I showed it, lots of hugs and affection, also, I apologised to them. This wasn’t the case for me in my childhood with my mother, I wasn’t then and still am not sure if she loved me or not, it doesn’t feel good to say and write this.

As I have said, I have a level of sustained happiness that, quite truthfully, I cannot recall having experienced before. It is not that I have not been happy, but it was external circumstances which made me so; it wasn’t ‘me’ that made me happy, but now it is coming from inside of me, from the core person that I am.

…………………and the good things just keep on rolling in and I find myself saying, ‘did that just really happen to me?’


After Session 5 on 17 Feb 2017

I wanted to confide in my mother growing up, but conditions were not right – conditions being that she would listen, understand, empathise, be non-judgemental. I did try a few times.

I notice my heart more open every week. My life gets better and better. This may not come across in the sessions Neasa as we are dealing with ‘stuff’, but it is very much the case. I also find that a lot of the peripheral issues that I want to raise with you are ebbing, becoming less as the weeks go by.

Though there is still some there, I feel the FEARFULNESS to my moving forward with the process is lessening. I need to trust the process and know that whatever is thrown at me I will be able to handle. I can see the way the same things are happening to me, but I am reacting differently. And also, last week Neasa I was unsure of where to go and you just took control of the session and it turned out to be exactly the right direction for me. You are very good at picking out what is the important aspect that needs to be dealt with.

Maybe the fearfulness is that I feel I am being a bit unfair to my mother, she wasn’t a bad person, not a horrible person, didn’t deliberately say hurtful things or wasn’t trying to hurt me. I would say ‘I had a happy childhood’. So that this rejection is so deep is a surprise to me, didn’t think it was as deep rooted. I suppose I just got used to being the person I had become because of it.

So am I resisting clearing the rejection because of;

  • Surprise at its depth
  • Being unfair to my mother, betraying her,

She wasn’t that bad and I suspect, she would say she was an ok mother and did a fine job. She was more of a mother to me than, I would think, her mother was to her. She had a lot of good qualities, she was generous, didn’t nag, wasn’t strict, no pressure about school/study. But, there is fine line between not nagging/no pressure and getting guidance/being engaged.


After Session 6 on 23 Feb 2017

Went out to Portugal to spend a week with Conor and that is a story in itself!

Conor very sick with tonsillitis – won’t take antibiotics – was minding him – stayed in hostels and Air b and b – went to the market to meet his friends –  cycled to find the beach where his friends, Myag and Stef, might be to get his gear and passport – found beach, they not there – hitched with the bike, just once though – following day went back to beach on the bus/hitching as Myag and Stef were now there – met them and got Conors gear – Conor came home with me on Thursday – my annoyance with transfer to airport – rejection with touching Conor on the head. Plus I had no phone most of the time! left it with Conor to alleviate his boredom.

Bike ‘stolen’, showed me how everything had gone so well with all I had to do, on my own, But my own lack of Self belief that everything can be great for me and perhaps that I don’t deserve EVERYTHING to be great for me and don’t believe that I can have a fabulous life, left the door ajar for something bad to happen. That was my doing, definitely, because, as it turned out, the bike was not actually stolen! It was as if the universe was saying to me, ‘you don’t have to think that way, you can believe that you can have a fabulous life’.

Eimer 2

You can have a fabulous life


That week gave me so many examples of how far I have come, 90%, with all the asking for directions, finding and introducing myself to people I had never met. Also gave me incidences to show me the things I had to work on, the 10%. And Conor was the perfect person for me to do this with, he was very laid back and didn’t give me any instructions on what he thought I should do and didn’t mind how it all worked out, whether I found the passport or not etc. Just pats on the back and hugs each day when I came back after my adventures (he couldn’t talk with his throat!). This helped me relax and just concentrate on what I was doing without worrying about his reaction and what he would say/think. I think he was pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t my usual wreck head J – his term for me!! not mine (the old me, of course).


After Session 7 on 10 March 2017

Each week just gets better and better. The tapping on ‘important’ and ‘being regarded’ produced a big energy shift in me. Again, Neasa you used words that were very apt for what I was feeling, ‘validated’ being one. I notice now how I don’t take much heed of other people’s opinions of what I say or think. And even more so, I am not trying to People Please. I used to do this with everyone I encountered to some degree or other, from my children to people I didn’t know, people I just encountered briefly in the everyday. To not do this went against the grain and I was doing it so that they would like me. Now, it doesn’t bother me what they think – their stuff. I can now differentiate who I should be going out of my way for and when, sometimes it is those closest to me, but at other times it is not.

I am now making the small everyday multiple decisions in my best interest, not that I am being selfish, but just doing what works for me when it doesn’t matter to other people any which way. Before I didn’t know what I wanted to do in these everyday situations and would realise after that I wanted to do the opposite, but it was too late then – I am now not doing just pleasing others and that is very satisfying. I can now trust myself to look after me and therefore not be relying on other people to do it, from those closest to me to people I encounter only briefly.


After Session 8 on 24 March 2017

Turns out in the ‘bits and pieces’ session that inadequate produced a big energy shift (yes, another one!) for me. It is an adjective that I never thought applied to me, but it explains why I haven’t achieved my ‘GREATEST POTENTIAL’ or anything close to it. And also why ‘me’ couldn’t cope when, having more time and opportunity, I started to try new things in life.

Two Little Stories

  1. On Tuesday night Neasa, when you rang me in error and then you texted ‘I am an amazing woman…………’, I thought, what a marvellous way for anyone to speak about themselves, so few people do that, but you just do it naturally. The following morning, I awoke thinking ‘I am an amazing woman too!, not because of what I do or because of anything specific, I just am! And that is the way I feel about myself I would never ever have even dreamed I could think that way about myself.

Powerful, powerful stuff.

  1. At the end of my first appointment Neasa you were looking for a notepad on which to write the date on my next appointment and couldn’t find it, so you wrote it on a piece of paper. At the end of my second appointment you had the notepad and wrote my appointment on a sheet from the notepad. I put it in my bag and didn’t look at it until I found it in my bag 3 or 4 weeks later. The quotation at the top said ‘Be realistic, expect miracles’, had I seen that when you first gave it to me I would have thought ‘Ah come on, no way!’, when I did see it after a number of sessions I thought, ‘Ya, I think I could believe that’.

Eimer 3

Contentment looks like this!


The changes I feel in myself are truly unbelievable to me. All this week instances have been happening of where previously I would have seen not being loved or thinking people will think ill of me or I would have felt bad about myself. Now that is all but gone. If I do feel an element of rejection etc. I just talk to my inner child and basically tell her the things you said to say/ask and all is well.

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See Part 1: Clarity of Mind and Realisations Through Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT

More Information?

Healing is far more common than staying stuck.  My Guarantee to you, the client: Your issues will be dealt with in a safe and respectful environment.  If you feel ready to heal your life, please feel free to contact me to discuss how I can help you move forward.  Call Neasa +353(0)87 2535287 or email

Neasa x

Neasa De Baroid is a singer, performer and an EFT Practitioner in Cork City


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