Clarity of Mind and Realisations Through Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) – Part 4 – by Éimer Godsil


Oprah Winfrey and President Obama are advocates of EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUES TAPPING THERAPY, using it daily for PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT in their very productive lives.  They take responsibility for what they deliver to this world.  Éimer Godsil is no exception to this team!  Not keen to settle for mediocre, she has proven her courage in changing her relationship with her world and now eagerly wants to spread the word so that YOU may live more joyfully, more fully, through healing your life also. Neasa is delighted to host Éimer’s healing journey, as follows, on this blog.

Neasa is a professional singer who, through her search to end crippling performance anxiety, became an Advanced EFT therapist in Cork, B.A. Psych.  She works passionately with performers, eager that YOU realise your dreams.  Combining Eastern energy healing with Western psychology, she works with a variety of physical & emotional issues, specialising in Performance anxiety, Stage fright, Dread, Exam nerves and Chronic Fatigue.  Neasa offers private therapy sessions on Douglas Road, Cork city or Online healing via Skype.

How Fantastic Do I Feel – Ready to Blow the Boundaries of My Comfort Zone

 After Session 12 on 30 June 2017


  • Heir Island pop up choir, doing the solo bit and to think I was laughing when you said in the tapping ‘I think I’ll do a solo piece’, laughing at the ridiculously unlikeliness of that happening, and there you go, that’s exactly what happened. J
  • Singing on the weekend with the cycle group, with the mic and sang 2 songs! That was a first. And forgot to say to you that when I was walking up the room to the mic, though my heart was thumping, I felt excitement rather than fear, you had said that too in the tapping.

My Truth

Because I don’t know what I want to do – if helping the homeless, going on Greenpeace boat or some other issue etc. is what I want to do- I just don’t know. But I want to live to my truth, in my power. If I am doing something that is nice for another person, it has to be the right thing for me too, but I need to get to know what that is! I am a lot closer with the last 7 months of EFT. I want to know what it is I truly want to do with the rest of my life. I have so much energy now that my headspace isn’t taken up with the rejection, grief, opinions (yes still there, but not to the same extent as before). But dealing with the opinions thing and the ‘want to do’ thing, how do I know what it is I want to do, my greatest potential! Maybe when my headspace is more cleared and less muddled that will become apparent. Even the fact that I can be thinking of this means that my head is A LOT more cleared out than it was. ……… Meanwhile I can just enjoy this new me.

Some of the things I do I don’t want certain people to know about – I wouldn’t be telling them, because of what they might say (or think), eg what is she at now, singing in a choir, where did that come out of. I know from where it is coming from for them, based on what you have said and the tapping (small minded, not loving themselves, their issue) BUT still it affects me.

Also, forgot to tell you that in the space of a few weeks recently 3 people have admired my legs, 3 different people in 3 different situations and not necessarily people I know well and all women too! So how nice is that. The second time I couldn’t believe it! The third time I was absolutely blown away.

After Session 13 on 04 August 2017

WOW! How fantastic do I feel!

The level of happiness I feel is gone through the roof. Happiness isn’t even the right word, I can’t think of a word to describe how I am.  ‘Happiness’ doesn’t do the feeling justice. It is euphoria; I feel like I must be on something! You asked me the last day about the shifts for me and which ones were big etc., well this one after the last session (we dealt with shame) is huge and I didn’t think it was possible to get any as big as from the   issue. It has increased over the last few days. I am more expressive and I feel this love inside me, like it has been waiting to come out of me, have felt this for the last few months too, with varying intensity. I feel I understand and am on the same wavelength as my family, even though they may be all on very different planes. Not being willing to accept changes and differences in my family was fear on my part. I was living my life through fear, afraid of the unconventional, of what I couldn’t control. Now I feel in tune with them and what they are doing and have an understanding without having to try to make myself understand. I have this surety that everything will work out perfectly.

The healing of the shame has negated most of what I said above after Session 12, it doesn’t apply anymore – AND the thing is I haven’t even done the tapping from this session yet! I will wait until this euphoria settles down a bit.

I haven’t got angry since starting the EFT and rarely get annoyed, can’t remember the last time. On the issue related to my father, How you dug that out of me Neasa I just don’t know, something I was always aware of, but didn’t think was an issue for me at tall, thought I had dealt with it. Whereas I knew I hadn’t dealt with the rejection or of Gearóids death

After Session 14 on 08 September 2017

Felt a calmness after this session, not so much the ‘high’, buzzing energy I have felt after so many of the previous sessions. We had a BEREAVEMENT on my husband’s side of the family. Through it I was very solid and calm and felt I knew what was what and made good decisions. The old me did not reappear initially. But it did, at times. When that happened, I did somewhat default back to my old self and I noticed things became about ME, in my own head anyway, others didn’t notice so much and it passed – If I did my tapping, that helped.

When my energy is flowing well, the giving, emotionally and physically, is easy and feels good and is what I want to be doing; little annoyances are not annoying. I felt a love and understanding for those most affected and great appreciation for little helps people gave at the time of the funeral. Whereas, when the energy is disrupted the emotional giving becomes difficult, I start to feel sorry for myself, maybe feel like crying and I go through the motions of doing the physical helping, rather than being more than happy to do it. I don’t want to feel that way but found it hard to rise above.  I did my recordings from the previous session and they got me back on track and showed me the importance of doing them to reinforce the session. And the times when I feel sorry for myself, I think are related to childhood and coping by myself with all the various emotional upsets, not having emotional support.

Physically, I feel fantastic, not just great energy but also stronger, more flexible and supple.  Also, people are just randomly striking up conversation with me, on the street or in shops, which turns into a real feel good from total strangers.

Last session in tapping we dealt with me having my needs met and asking for help, particularly around the house. There has been an unbelievably positive shift in this. When I ask people to do something it happens, willingly, with no tension or difficulty on my part. Feels like somebody flipped a switch and this aspect of my life has gone from being an unease to just part of the normal good flow of the day. Plus I don’t feel I am imposing on others by asking for help, within the household and outside. But I am only asking people to do for me what I willingly do for others. I have always overcompensated with doing more than my fair share; doing way more than what was fair to me. Didn’t think this was an issue for me, and certainly not a big issue. It is a big issue for anybody – having ones needs met is important for everyone and it has nothing to do with selfishness, in fact the opposite, if a person is having their needs met, they are then freed to give more to others. After the session, I realised I was not having my needs met and I didn’t know how to ask. Now I ask in a way that is not selfish and doesn’t put anyone else out.

After Last Session on 20 October 2017

I have completed, run the full gamut of the EFT process. And what a journey it has been for me. I am a different person than when I started. I am that person that was in me always, but had never fully seen the light of day, just a peek every now and then. The way I felt in those brief moments is the way I feel consistently now, but better because previously, though it was great to feel that way, I knew it wasn’t going to last. Whereas now I know it is here to stay. When I read back over, particularly, the early weeks I am thinking ‘was that me? Did I really think like that?’ I actually find it hard to relate to! I am that changed and it is about how I feel inside, how I feel about myself.


My inner child is a great gauge of where I am at. What a fantastic technique you introduced Neasa, with asking the inner child how she is doing ‘what is the best thing for me to do right now for you?’

Doing what I want to do, what I want to achieve is so much easier now, anything I want to achieve, I now feel ‘yeah, I can do that’, so doing new things is exciting for me rather than the feeling that I was pushing myself to my limits and being fearful. With events I want to go to, I just decide I want to go and then it comes to pass with ease. The other thing is, when I go out to some event or meeting people, I now know I am going to have a good time and enjoy myself. Things which once I thought would have been extraordinary for me to do are now just part of who I am. Also, I am not relying on others to bolster me, now me bolsters me.

Before doing the EFT, if I was in good form, I always felt that it wouldn’t last, if something negative happened it would create a slump for me, my good form would leave and I would never know for how long, none of this would be very obvious to others of course, but I knew how I felt.

I was in a very happy place in my life when my brother died, so that sudden phone call was a huge shock, I was shot down, went from 100 to 0 in an instant. As a result, I developed a LIMITING BELIEF that if I became too happy I would again be shot down. The belief that if I became too happy something bad would occur was limiting me from being truly happy. My subconscious kept me from happiness; it was protecting me from getting another fall, similar to the one I had received. I then carried this in my life for 22 years, especially regarding my children. I have been so fearful that something bad would befall them. It wasn’t too bad when they were small as I had a good deal of control over their lives.  Anytime they would ring I would expect that something was wrong and would breathe a huge sigh of relief when it would transpire that they were just calling to say hello or wanted a lift home. Also, as time went on, instead of this feeling abating as I got used to my kids being away from the family home more often, it just got worse! I didn’t let on to them how I was feeling of course, didn’t want to pass on my fear to them, now did I! But, the thing is, if that emotion, any emotion, is present, others can sense it. Like joy or happiness, can’t we pick that up from someone when we meet them? Negative emotions are the same. I don’t want my children living their lives through fear. They are young and on the cusp of life, they deserve to have a free run at their futures, using their own judgement and instinct, not shackled by MY fear or my limiting belief. However, the good news is, that through EFT I have now transitioned from this, now living my life from a place of happiness and excitement, not from a place of fear.

I am now more patient with life, not wanting to control how my life goes or that of those close to me, I now don’t have to control what happens in my future, which has made me more relaxed and I am not putting my energy into this concern about the future.

My comfort zone was quite close to me, I felt I could touch it; it was scary to try and push it out further. Now my comfort zone is way out in space and there is a whole lot of stuff I want to do to fill it.

With music and colours, I am listening to such a wider variety of music and listening to music whenever I can, music I would never have enjoyed before, more upbeat, more melodious and discovering new stuff, ongoing, that I love and can’t believe I love now, I’m asking myself ‘Why didn’t I listen to this before?’’. I have written a couple of tunes too of course! Creative or artistic were the last thing I would have considered myself, still don’t know where this has come out of, still incredulous that I have done that. Also, I am wearing orange and starting to wear yellow! I have a bright orange scarf that I bought to match an outfit for a wedding years back, but didn’t wear it afterwards, now I’m grabbing it all the time, suddenly it matches everything! And the wearing of yellow, I couldn’t stand to have yellow anywhere near me, didn’t like it on others, let alone wear it myself, but it is starting to grow on me more and more.


What I didn’t realise Neasa is that all through my sessions with you, you were very gently planting seeds, planting seeds via the tapping, but also outside the tapping and they are now germinating, as my life and myself continue to expand. You say on your website that getting at core issues fast is your specialty, this is very true, but you are also expert at rooting out the nitty-gritty, the multiple small things that hold us back, that clog up our minds and prevent our true selves from shining, prevent us from exploring the wonderful experiences we can have in our lives.

Another good thing – my name, very few people mispronounce it now. Before I would tell people my name pronounced with an ‘A’ and they would call it back to me, but pronounced with an ‘E’. I would be thinking ‘what do I have to do here?’. That hardly happens anymore, people often ask me about it and say what a beautiful name it is.

  • 15 Dec 2017

Hi Neasa,

My choir debut was just great last Tuesday. What a buzz!

We got to practice on the altar of the church first and then sat and waited our turn. Half way through our performance I realised ‘I am not nervous!, am I not supposed to be nervous ?’ But there were no nerves, just excitement – just like you said in the tapping AND I was actually enjoying myself – again, just like you said in the tapping – I didn’t want it to end. My hard wiring told me that nerves are a part of a first performance such as this; a very good example to me of how my hard wiring is now changed and it is just one example of many. Another thing, when practicing during the week, I found it hard to remember all the words of all the songs, but when we were performing, instead of finding it harder to remember they came to me easier! People actually paid to come to see us, I’m practically a professional!  J My family came too which made it very special.  Same again now on Saturday night in Rockboro School and I can’t wait. 

We sounded really good, as far as I can tell, and got a great round of applause after and we took a bow 🙂 Karen Underwood wasn’t too bad either J. Thank you so much Neasa.  Every day I have examples of either being in my own power and/or of not seeing rejection, just fabulous.

The very last recording of my tappings, The Anchoring: As I continue to do it, I feel my confidence and solidity growing AND the different things you said in this last recording are starting to come to pass for me; the surety I have and lack of REJECTION in my life. I am coming more and more into my own power, which means I am making my decisions from a place that comes from within me. Before I would do/say/commit to something, knowing it was not right for me, but I wouldn’t be making the decision with clarity of mind, not with my best interests being considered. Now that clarity is there because all the emotional baggage is out of the way, I can get on with the rest of my life. So many of the phrases you used in the tappings were actually prophetic. Things you tapped on are coming to pass, such as changes in me, in situations and in people around me. Also, you picked up on issues that I didn’t think were issues, remember the food waste J. In this last tapping recording you put my whole EFT journey in a 15 minute nutshell. You were so in tune with where I had come from and where I was now at and what I wanted to become, that you encompassed all of that in the last recording. All this from what I said to you in the sessions, for you ask very, very few questions, only when it is necessary. What you said was so pertinent and I can see that these things are now coming to pass for me, in such a gentle, subtle way, in a way that I hardly notice, beautiful, thank you.

My experience while listening to the piece of music that Gearóid liked! I would never have had that but for the opening up of my energy channels by EFT and Neasa you enabled that.  You enabled me to free up my blocked energies which allowed all the good stuff to flow in. Your intuitive ability to interpret what I said in the sessions into the tapping was, to my mind, the difference between this therapy being useful for me and it being a life changing experience. And you did it expertly, with humour, professionalism and above all gentleness when it was most needed.

I realised recently as the old me is faded into the distance, my skin fits, that’s how I feel about who I am, what I am doing and what I am saying – yeah, my skin fits.



An account of how my inner child has progressed over the months of my EFT journey.

  • When we did the inner child technique initially, at about session 4 or 5 – as I spoke to her she was sitting on the floor playing/fiddling with her hands or shoes and didn’t look up at me, but I knew she was listening!
  • Gradually she started to look up at me, not smiling though and still sitting on the floor.
  • Then she would sit on my lap and was quite happy and relaxed.

And after that she would hug me tight, not much smiling and just a little bit of eye contact

  • Through the weeks I have noticed that she is standing up and much bigger, not older just bigger in size almost Alice in Wonderland-esque.
  • It is only as I am writing this that I realise, she is not smiling or making eye contact with me! Which indicates to me that though she is happy, she is maybe not secure enough yet to totally let go of whatever it is she is holding on to, for whatever reason.
  • When I ask her ‘what is the best decision for me to make for you right now?’, I do get an answer, sometimes it is a ‘sitting on the floor’ answer of ‘no’ or a ‘standing up’ answer of ‘yes’. And that is a brilliant resource for me to have…… I just need to remember to ask!
  • Now, where is my inner child? she is at a distance doing her own thing, not needy, just content and secure, not needing to be sitting at my feet looking up at me.
  • While dealing with the shame issue, she is still big and standing a little removed from me, but looking back at me with a serious look on her face and a little anxious. When I ask her how she is, she says to me ‘I really need you to deal with this shame issue, or else I can’t move on securely and be totally unshackled’.
  • When I think of my inner child now, most of the time she is standing in front of me with her arms stretched in the air, looking at me as if to say ’ I can’t wait for the rest of my life’. At other times, if there is something going on for me, she is looking at me saying ‘will you sort this out please, so I can get back to enjoying my life.’

Part 1: Clarity of Mind and Realisations Through Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT

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Neasa De Baroid is a singer, performer and an EFT Practitioner in Cork City

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