Why this Blog

Neasa de BaroidLife can divert us into many Cul-de-Sac’s, where we get lost for a while.

My search for my True Self was some journey. Much of my healing I did alone with the help of EFT. You and I come from different beginnings yet share common themes on our road to healing.

My hope is to shorten your journey of Self-discovery & Self- acceptance by sharing the vast knowledge I accumulated while being my own guinea-pig AND through helping clients move towards inner freedom.

Through explaining the source of our issues, along with suggestions that can heal patterns of your past, my hope is that you will unfold your internal mysteries to ‘What makes you tick’. My passion is to do my very best to guide you through your inner mansion, to open your windows and let the light back in.

Sometimes, we feel the need to identify ourselves by one career, which can leave us very confused.

What if your life is about merging together ALL your learned skills and innate abilities? 

In allowing myself to be both professional singer and EFT therapist, life has begun to merge these into one bigger picture.

Ultimately, I am a communicator, be it through the spoken message in healing or the singer’s message carried in my songs and interaction with my audience. And it is That very picture which this Blog hopes to convey.

In other words, I see my Blog as yet another step in my journey from Not-Good-Enough to Self-Love;

A blog that offers ‘ME’. A Self-portrayal that will resonate with and attract ‘my tribe’ to its pages; A tribe who accept me exactly as I am, for I can no longer be someone that I am not to please the masses.

Thank you for being here, observing, as the culmination of emotional healing unfolds for us all.

Neasa x

Neasa De Baroid is a singer, performer and an EFT Practitioner in Cork City