The EFT Therapist

Using Emotional Freedom Techniques in my Cork practice, great care and sensitivity is Tapping - EFT Corktaken to ensure that your physical & emotional issues are gently dealt with in a safe environment. EFT tapping is highly effective for physical & emotional issues that make us feel ‘stuck’. Being a professional singer, performance anxiety, stage fright, exam panic, are areas I have previously experienced and understand personally.

More recent work is in conjunction with Ivor Browne, retired Professor of Psychiatry, unveiling underlying causes in clients labelled as clinical depression and bi-polar disorder.

My speciality is accessing core issues fast. I find it more efficient to firstly detect the core issue, then work forward from this point to heal the past. ‘Core issue’ refers to the basic cause underlying a condition.

I’ve also studied NLP, Bio-Energy, Regression therapy, Journey Processing, Meditation, Visualisation and, where helpful, I utilise these tools in treatments to enhance positive lasting

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